Welcome – Now Get Off My Lawn

Welcome to my blog, “Fifty is the New Cranky.” I’m starting this because (a) I’m well past 50, (b) I’m far past cranky, and (c) I have the right to say so. (Even though some would argue that you only have the right to complain if you fought for your country. Bull. You only have the right to complain if you vote. You don’t like my opinion, write your own blog.)

If you’re going to go on reading this, you have the right to know a few things about me: First, I hate the 21st century. Mostly because of cell phones. Get rid of cell phones and this century wouldn’t be half so bad. I could live with that. Second, I hate willful stupidity. This is not to say I hate stupid people. God gave each of us different strengths and weaknesses. If you weren’t gifted with a 125 IQ, it’s not your fault. (You’re not stupid, either.) You’re just you. On the other hand, if you were gifted with a 125 IQ, and you act like an idiot, then you are actively practicing stupidity, and I hate that. Stupid is forgivable, ignorance is pathetic, and willful ignorance is inexcusable. (I’m looking at you, anti-vaxxers!)

Talk radio and Fox News want you to believe there’s a War on Christianity. Bullshit. There’s a War on Science. Vaccines causing autism is a medically-proven fraud. 99% of all climatologists believe that global warming is caused by Man. Everything we’ve learned over the past 150 supports the theory of evolution. Why do peopleĀ insist on believing the opposite when the only proponents of these concepts are not scientists?

I hope that after you’ve read some of my posts, you’ll agree with me and you’ll get cranky, too. 99% of us don’t have the money to influence anything, but on the Net we count for as much as anybody. So get out there and get cranky.

And get off of my lawn.


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