So Much to Complain About, So Little Time…

People annoy me. Not everybody, of course. Not you. But in general, people are annoying. They’re in too much of a damned hurry to care about anyone else. Is it that hard to use your turn signal when you change lanes?

This is where I can come to vent about such things. You can, too, if you want. Leave me a comment. What bugs you? Seahawks fans? Reality stars? Anonymous bloggers?

Me, I don’t know where to start–oh, wait, yes I do. Stupid people. I don’t mean those of lesser intelligence, but those who are willfully ignorant, especially those who accept what they know to be wrong just because it profits them to do so. (Yeah, politicians. How did you know?) There are people in power who accept that the world is screwed up, screwed up in ways they could try to fix, but they don’t because they’re in the pockets of corporations who are themselves willfully ignorant or careless of the harm they are causing us all.

You know these guys–they deny global warming even though 99% of all climate scientists believe in it, even as the world is experiencing unprecedented natural disasters, and they aren’t even scientists. Or the companies trying to defeat net neutrality because they claim treating the Internet as a utility will stifle innovation. Stifle? The Internet? Besides, they made the same argument about cell phones, and look how that ended up.

I wish there were more to be done than complain, but people keep re-electing these morons–sorry, these evil puppets–even though they know the evil puppets don’t give a damn about them. Why? You tell me. Those people are being willfully ignorant, too.

And you know how I feel about that.


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